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101 Bomb - Signed Re-issue Deck - Gabriel Rodriguez 7.75"

101 Bomb - Signed Re-issue Deck - Gabriel Rodriguez 7.75"

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Signed Deck - Gabriel Rodriguez (RIP)
101 Bomb - 
Art by Marc McKee
(late 1993-ish, very early 1994-ish, Slap pals !)

L.A. Dave got this Deck from Gabriel about a year before he passed away. There was a guy sending him reproductions of his graphics from his decks. This may be a one and only. This is not a slick bottom this is a 7-ply hard rock maple.

Quote taken from an article on
Gabe had this to say about this graphic.  "Another violent graphic, this one was more World War II-inspired. Natas actually had an actual, real World War II bomb, I remember he had it at his house, I’m not sure where he found it, probably some Army surplus.

I can’t recall if they hand-painted all this on the bomb, but for some reason I have this vague remembrance of seeing it painted already… Then they took a picture and laid it out. This is maybe almost my favorite one, ever. Just the aesthetic aspect of it, I love the actual cartoon too.

This deck was signed by Gabriel at L.A Skate one Saturday afternoon. Gabe was already in Pain and had a hard time sitting in a chair. He later found out he had a Tumor on his spine. It was a sad day when he told me that. I Miss our Saturday afternoon visits at the shop.

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