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Natural Koncept

Dysfunctional Family Natural Koncept

Dysfunctional Family Natural Koncept

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The second video effort from a small grassroots skateboard company born in Hawaii, with team riders from across the country. Watch a gritty glimpse of the teams skating in Hawaii, The States, Europe, and even China. Also, step into Katch 1's world of wholecar, moving freight trains, skate rats, and angry grandmas.

DJ Limegreen - ?

Josh Zickert: 
Dramarama - Anything Anything

Ian Okui: 
Ion Mike - Whispers

Craig Williams: 
Ministry - Waiting

Dave Davis: 
ZZ Top - Lush

Trevor Uriona: 
The Cramps - Peter Gunn

Break Movie: 
Beatboxer & DJ Kav the Catalyst - NY Somber

Billy Wilson: 
Eazy-E - Nobody Move

Kale Sandridge: 
Kale Sandridge & The Chronic Seedlings - Skater For Life

Choppy Omega: 
DJ Enochctak - Yard Creepin'

Chris Kays: 
Slayer - Hell Awaits

Sean Reilley Intro: 
DJ Limegreen - ?

Sean Reilley: 
Squirell Nut Zippers - Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter

Brendan Leung: 
Ministry - No "W"

Katch Art #1: 
DJ Enochctak - Evil Palace

Adrian Mcelhaney: 
Run DMC - Its Like That

Bob Gnarly Intro: 
Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence

Bob Gnarly: 
The Who - A Quick One, While He's Away

Credits #1: 
The Ethiopians - Greetings

Credits #2: 
DJ Limegreen - ?

Credits #3: 
Half Pint - Pirate

Katch Art #1: 
BassNectar - Kyrian Bee Bop

Katch Art #2: 
DJ Babu - Occult City

Katch Art #3: 
DJ Honda - How Many (instrumental)

Product Showcase: 
DJ Limegreen - ?

Illegitamate Bastard Child Blurb: 
Eric B & Rakim - Microphone Fiend
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